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This is the March 2018 edition of Canada's Process Network's informative
eConnect. In each edition we offer process solutions and application information.



Create a custom power distribution center in a NEMA 4X Stainless Steel, Sloped-Top Enclosure. Our superior design features a 15° sloped roof and drainage channel to facilitate run-off of liquids and contaminants for the ultimate clean installation. Choose from 3 enclosure sizes, various receptacles or motor disconnects; add overcurrent protection if needed. Many components are in-stock and ready to ship. » Read More


FDT Standardized Mobility Solutions and User Interface for Agile Operations

FDT Group
Web Services portal empowers maintenance personnel with flexible approach for cloud-based enterprise data access, mobility apps and augmented reality. » Read More


L.J. Star Sight Glasses

Alpha Controls & Instrumentation
L.J. Star is the leading supplier of high-strength, quality sight glass products. Their products provide visual inspection of industrial and pharmaceutical processes, and are often used in conjunction with lights that illuminate tank and pipe interiors. L.J. Star’s product lines include Metaglas® fused sight glass, the #1 selling fused sight glass proven in thousands of installations around the world. Metaglas®, the ultimate in sight window safety, is made by fusing pure borosilicate glass within stainless steel rings. The result is a sight glass that has been described as having the transparency of glass with the strength of steel! » Read More


Take a Stand for Good Health

Movement throughout the day is important to maintaining good health. Winsted's Impulse Dual Sit/Stand consoles take ergonomics and operator comfort to a whole new level by offering two independently adjustable, ergonomically curved work surfaces. Both work surfaces are controlled by two electric-lift legs and adjust from 30” to 46” high at the touch of a button. The dual work surfaces feature a durable, high-pressure Graphite Nebula laminate with Safeguard Edge. » Read More


Two-Way Drum Pump

EXAIR’s Reversible Drum Vac is a two-way pump that can vacuum liquids (like coolants) into an ordinary 30, 55 or 110 gallon drum and then with the turn of a knob, pump it back out to another container. The all stainless steel pump can fill or empty a 55 gallon drum in 90 seconds. It’s quiet and has no motor to clog or wear out. Web site offers detailed information, application video, downloadable drawings and PDF literature. » Read More


3DLevel Sensor Precisely Measures in Dust

The dust-penetrating 3DLevelScanner non-contact sensor measures and maps material to detect surface irregularities delivering accurate volume and level data. New software features detect the Center of Gravity to prevent silo damage or collapse, enable accurate volume measurement in segmented silos, and allow for large storage bunkers to be measured by section. » Read More


Measure Difficult Fluid Flow From Outside The Pipe

The DFM 5.1 flow meter from Greyline measures slurry and other “difficult” industrial flows from outside of the pipe. Most meters ship within three business days. Email: » Learn More


Introducing the Associated Intrinsic Safety option for the THZ3 DIN model Temperature Transmitter

Moore Industries
Our Associated Intrinsic-Safety family just keeps getting better: Introducing the NEW Associated IS option for the THZ3 DIN-Rail model dual-input temperature transmitter. Now added to all the amazing features of the THZ3 is the ability to connect sensors located in Class I Div 1/Zone 0/1 hazardous areas directly to the THZ3-DIN when the -AIS option is included. This new option features a built-in intrinsically safe field connection that provides the necessary protection typically afforded by an intrinsically-safe barrier in plants or facilities where the method of protection is Intrinsic Safety. » Read More